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Yes, you can use my statement that ECG Chaga tea gave me a lot of energy and also my skin is beginning to look healthier and more youthful. From the first cup it felt like a charge in my body which first I thought was my imagination but it continued more with each cup.
My depression is a lot less and I can work all day without being tired. I intend to continue taking it ,and my husband seconds the motion. Would you please send me 4 more bottles of the ECG Chaga tea.
And once again thank you for a great product.

Connie van kralingen
Port Colborne, Ontario

I was feeling terrible, going through a very hard time. Low on energy, just feeling crumby all the time. I heard about ECG Chaga tea. I didn't really believe it could help me. I got a bottle but didn't try it for about two weeks until I got the right tea pot. Wish I did it sooner. The day I tried it, that night I was cleaning the house and doing other things. Before I was falling a sleep at 6:00 every night, no energy.

ECG Chaga tea is fantastic, I feel so relaxed, I don't feel sick anymore when I drink it. My family has noticed a big difference in me. And for some reason I don't feel like smoking as much. The way I feel now I would like to broadcast it all over the world. Thank you very much. I feel like a new woman and that I'm heading in the right direction.

Thank You,
Olympia Wright
Courtice Ontario

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